Hello, and Welcome to The Radius Way!

My name is Danna Martin and I am the co-owner of Radius Chiropractic an Asheville, North Carolina based chiropractic practice. My husband, Dr. Dan Martin, is the chiropractor and I manage our office. Chiropractic is certainly a passion of mine; however, it is just a small piece of what this blog will be about.

Over the course of the last five years, I have been learning the intricacies of what it looks like to live a healthy, happy, thriving life. Some days, I feel like I’ve mastered the art of being healthy. Other days, I feel like I don’t know the first thing about what it means to fully “thrive”. Even so, I think that’s the beauty of this life… Learning new things every day, sharing what we know, and occasionally admitting that we don’t actually know much of anything.

My husband and I chose the name of our chiropractic office (Radius) because we love how the radius of a circle symbolizes true health. A radius begins at the center of a circle and extends out. If I have learned anything about health over the last five years, it’s that it begins from within the body. This may seem like an obvious concept, but it’s so much more complicated than we think. Health begins in the nervous system. It begins in the gut. It begins in the brain. It begins in the inner most areas of our body… the areas that are hardest to reach. So, how do we reach them? How do we access those parts of our being to help us achieve the highest level of health and truly thrive?

If these are questions that interest you, then I welcome you to follow along on this journey with me. I will be sharing what I have learned and am continuing to learn, as well as welcoming you to share what YOU have learned. I am hopeful that this blog will help to elicit a community of individuals who are interested in achieving a higher level of health and finding out new ways to truly thrive in this life.

So, thanks for joining me! I pray that this journey leads to higher health and happiness within your life.